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Обзор бренда
WECO was founded in 1921 and is based in Germany. As a pioneer and pioneer in the field of electrical connections, WECO can now provide you with over 17000 different specifications. The scope of products involved in the printed circuit board wiring terminal, screws, screw free terminals, IDC free wire terminals, plug type terminals, THR through-hole reflow soldering wire terminal, and pure SMD surface mount terminal series. In addition, we also provide advanced potting transformers, thin wire coils and other magnetic devices. WECO produces a large number of innovative products for different industries to provide excellent solutions: heating, heating, communications technology, driving technology, building security, building intelligence control, and white appliances and other fields.
Серия продуктов
Electronic modules, encapsulated transformers, thin wire coils and other magnetic devices
область применения
Consumer electronics traffic / car
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