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Peregrine Semiconductor

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Обзор бренда
Peregrine semiconductor is a high performance RF integrated circuit design company. Peregrine products provide solutions to industry-leading performance single chip integration, widely used in aerospace and military industry, broadcasting, mobile, wireless equipment, test and measurement equipment and wireless infrastructure equipment. Peregrine solutions using UltraCMOS semiconductor proprietary technology, this technology is able to design and manufacture of a single chip contains multiple RF mixed signal and digital functions. UltraCMOS RF technology is the silicon on insulator (SOI) technology is an advanced form of, it will use basic advantages of semiconductor technology "the most extensive standard CMOS" and the combination of highly insulating substrate. Using UltraCMOS technology unique generation products called "STePs", each node can achieve higher design flexibility and enhance the performance of RF. The Peregrine school also carried out the project design of semiconductor design enhancements, including HaRP technology patented.
Серия продуктов
RF switch, digital attenuator, frequency synthesizer, mixer / frequency converter, frequency divider, digital adjustable capacitor (DTC) and DC-DC converter
область применения
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, transportation / cars
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