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OTAX Electronics

английское полное название:OTAX Electronics

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Обзор бренда
OTAX Electronics (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd, was founded in August 1995 and is affiliated with the Japanese company. The company production and sales of various industries with high / medium / low voltage power switch, various types of electronic circuit switch, inductive switch, memory card, PCMCIA card connector, CPU socket, mobile phone connector and body parts, and the parts of injection molding, stamping, electroplating processing. At the same time, the design of automation equipment, and equipped with a complete waste water and waste gas treatment equipment, forming a mold development, production, processing, electroplating, stamping, molding, assembly and other one-stop production base.
Серия продуктов
T-Flash interface, PCMCIA interface, power supply, encoder, power switch, DIP switch, connector etc.
область применения
Consumer electronics, portable devices, instrumentation, industry / Automation
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