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Обзор бренда
EPSON group, a global technology leader, is committed to continuous innovation in the four major areas of print, visual communication, quality of life and manufacturing, providing products and services that exceed customer expectations. EPSON services include printers, scanners, projectors and other information related products business, electronic components business, as well as industrial automation equipment business. Its products with excellent quality and energy-saving environmental protection features. EPSON group has 94 companies around the world with nearly 70000 employees. EPSON is proud of its constant efforts to reduce its environmental burden and contribute to the development of its region. To enhance corporate value through innovative and creative culture, we are committed to providing digital imaging technologies and solutions to our customers.
Серия продуктов
Filter, sensor, crystal oscillator, real time clock module, display controller, video encoder, display controller, MCU, ACCP (special application specific chip), etc.
область применения
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronics, medical, electronic, portable devices, instrumentation, communications / network transportation / automotive security / surveillance, industry / Automation
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